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Why Cannabis Testing is Difficult and What Exactly Can Otorize Do?

Cannabis impairment is far more ambiguous than that of alcohol. When testing for alcohol impairment, law enforcement officials simply breathalyze the suspect and determine their level of impairment or lack of. While there are certainly downfalls to breathalyzers, such as high costs to maintain and occasional false results, they usually deliver fairly accurate results.

However, cannabis impairment has proven much more difficult for law enforcement officials to prove. It is not only difficult to prove how much the individual is impaired, with “[o]ne key difference between DUI cases involving cannabis and those involving alcohol [being] the role of blood alcohol concentration (BAC),” but also whether or not the individual is impaired in the first place.

While “[a]s of October 2022, no commercially available test exists to measure the concentration of cannabis in a driver’s bloodstream,” Otorize is a scientifically proven test which can confirm if a driver is impaired or not. This is crucial because “[t]esting of urine and hair can only tell whether the person has used cannabis within the past few weeks; these tests do not show whether you are currently under the influence.”

Otorize reports live impairment results within 5 seconds, determining the driver to be impaired or not impaired, regardless of the substance. It is crucial that states adopt a way to test for current impairment, as testing for impairment at any point within a few weeks is meaningless; impaired individuals on the road are a danger to all.

Otorize requires a sober baseline test from users before it can be effectively utilized. This requires planning and usage pre-impairment, as it is not a spot test and cannot currently be used by law enforcement today. At least, not until the regulations are changed to adopt a different paradigm than residual measurement. However, it certainly is an efficient tool for accident prevention in the workplace, day to day, and is already employed as a daily test in many workplace settings. On top of it, it is cost effective as well, giving companies and individuals all the more reason to use Otorize.



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