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What is Microdosing and Why Should We Be Concerned?

Microdosing is “typically defined by experts as taking 5 percent to 10 percent of a full dose of a psychedelic, usually LSD or psilocybin, as a way to get the supposed mental health benefits of the drug without the hallucinogenic high” (NY Times). While five to ten percent might not seem like a substantial amount, these substances have the power to impair certain individuals and create dangerous situations at work and on the road. For example, “[i]n practice, only about a third of the people who microdose carefully measure the amount of the psychedelic they are taking; most take just enough to begin feeling some effects, which usually start after an hour and last four to six hours.” The first few runs are usually trial and error, which can lead to accidental highs and impairment.

The question is, does this affect your driving abilities?

Substances like cannabis and MDMA aren’t metabolized in the same way as alcohol,” leading to impairment for many individuals based on their size, tolerance, dosage, and more. It is difficult to define how much is too much; because of this, microdosing could lead to unsafe, impaired driving. “Cannabis measurably and significantly impairs a driver’s reaction time and ability to do complicated tasks like driving,” as do other substances used in microdosing. Additionally, because microdoses stay in the body for up to six hours, many people remain impaired without realizing it, leading to dangerous driving.

What should be done about microdosing?

Microdosing helps individuals around the world cope with and overcome mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Yet, it also poses a threat, as people microdose on everyday occasions to deal with mental stress, such as a work day where one commutes by driving. The question of the safety of microdosing and driving is important to discuss. However, Otorize offers a 5-second, scientifically proven solution for users to test for impairment from microdosing and evaluate his or her ability to drive unimpaired. Microdosing is improving lives and Otorize allows people to continue the practice while remaining safe on the roads, both for themselves and others. Additionally, those who operate machinery, treat patients, or work in jobs where impairment could cause a threat to themselves or others can utilize Otorize to ensure safe practices while continuing to use a microdosing treatment.



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