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The Dangers Of Electric Scooters on College Campuses

Electric scooters are a common sight at most college campuses. As an affordable, easy-to-use mode of transportation, scooters are popular for students running late to class, riding home from a party, or grabbing a meal. However, scooters pose potential risks for riders, pedestrians, and other drivers.

According to the Daily Orange, “[t]he most pressing threat that the scooters and bikes pose is drunk scootering. Despite being illegal to do so, many people may still choose to operate scooters while under the influence.” Electric scooters are abundant at many universities, making hopping on one after a night of drinking or smoking all too easy.

While this danger is more concentrated on college campuses, both intoxicated and sober scooter accidents have increased in cities as well. For example, in Salt Lake City, “hospital ER reports [a] 161 percent spike in visits involving electric scooters” (Washington Post). Additionally, “[e]mergency physicians also treated several head injuries, and multiple patients told doctors they were intoxicated and not wearing a helmet when they were injured.” The combined danger of intoxicated driving and lack of provided helmets makes electric scooters a major safety concern, especially on college campuses.

Many universities, such as “the University of Arizona, University of Missouri, Ohio State University, Oklahoma State University, Michigan State University, and Loyola Marymount University have all taken some action against scooters on campus, ranging from temporary bans to stricter regulations to impoundment” ( Additionally, many colleges have worked to increase safety, through implementing safety measures such as “no-ride” hours and “no-ride” zones. “No-ride” hours prevent scootering at higher risk times, such as at night when drinking and driving is more likely.

However, the most effective way to ensure safe scooter driving is ensuring that people are not impaired. By taking the 5-second Otorize impairment test before operating the vehicle, users can be more aware of their driving abilities and make safer choices. If they pass the test, they are able to proceed. Yet, if they fail and are impaired, users should hold off on driving the scooter and find another, safer form of transportation home. Otorize helps users make informed decisions by checking if they are impaired from any substance, such as alcohol, marijuana, and more. Consider trying Otorize or recommending it to a friend before scootering.



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