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Marijuana Use by American Workers at 25 Year High

The big news this week is that “American workers are testing positive for marijuana following on-the-job accidents at the highest level in 25 years,” according to a recently released study by Quest Diagnostics. The Vice President for employer solutions, Keith Ward, believes that these results reflect the idea that “changing societal attitudes about marijuana may be impacting workplace behaviors and putting colleagues at risk.”

In the last decade, recreational / full use has been legalized by 21 states and DC, while 37 states have legalized medicinal marijuana. Marijuana use continues to increase among workers in America, as legalization continues to spread. With increased marijuana use comes the need for workplace procedures like impairment testing.

Testing for marijuana is different from testing for alcohol, as most cannabis tests show past usage rather than current impairment, rendering those tests practically useless for workplace settings. Rather, workplaces must implement cognitive testing to test for CURRENT impairment from marijuana, such as the Otorize test.

Otorize is a scientifically-proven, non-invasive test which tests for impairment from any substance instantly. It can be installed into workplaces through IoT technology in order to test workers before they operate machinery or handle important tasks. Marijuana continues to be used by US workers. The challenge now is detecting when marijuana is used during workplace hours and Otorize is here to help solve that predicament.




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