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Legalization Does Not Lead To Safer Driving

As time passes, legalization continues to spread across US states. As federal and state governments work towards legalization, it is important that these governments remind drivers that it is both dangerous and illegal to operate a vehicle while impaired from any substance. The number of crashes due to impairment continue to increase, leading to increased fatalities; fatalities which could be prevented.

Awareness of the risks of driving under the influence needs to be spread because of the fact that there are alarming misunderstandings about the effects of driving while impaired from marijuana. Additionally, “the absence of an awareness campaign alongside reform creates a false impression that consuming cannabis is the same as smoking a cigarette, and that is simply not true.” Furthermore, “people combine substances such as alcohol, cannabis, and other legal and illegal drugs, which has a multiplicative effect on impairment.”

Nationwide legalization is becoming more and more likely to occur, and officials must consider how to deal with impaired driving before this reality could happen, rather than scramble to implement laws and safety measures after.

Finally, in an alarming statistic, “[t]hose who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs are up to 200 times more likely to be involved in a crash.” Deaths from car crashes have continued to increase, with 2022 hitting an unfortunate 20-year high.

These tragic deaths are preventable, and Otorize can play an important role in keeping roads safe. Otorize is an impairment test which can be utilized to test for impairment before driving. Use it yourself or encourage a friend to try Otorize in order to prevent these devastating accidents. Otorize exists to protect your safety.


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