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Impaired Driving in New York Poses Safety Threat

Impaired driving continues to pose a threat to safety across the country, with “[t]he number of motorists charged with driving under the influence of narcotics, including marijuana, has risen steadily over the past five years in New York.” However, it is unknown if legalization is directly related to an increase in impaired driving.

Yet, “[t]he National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that between 2009 and 2018, the presence of cannabis had nearly doubled in drivers who were killed in crashes and subsequently tested for drugs.” New York has begun to employ “drug recognition experts” who saw 1,230 cases with cannabis as a factor in 2020. However, as we continue to explain, testing for cannabis impairment is far more difficult than for alcohol, as tests like blood and urine show usage rather than current impairment.

At the time of legalization in New York, “former State Police Superintendent Kevin Bruen had assured lawmakers there would be an accredited device available to test drivers for marijuana use.” Yet, there is not yet a standardized test used across New York, either by individuals or law enforcement.

However, Otorize is a test which tests for CURRENT impairment, unlike urine or blood tests. Additionally, it is available anywhere and everywhere, as it is accessible on the Otorize app, available through GooglePlay and soon through the Apple store. The Otorize test provides instant results and can play a key role in preventing accidents caused by impairment.



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