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Impaired Driving in Canada Increasing at Alarming Rates

In 2022, deaths due to impaired driving in Canada increased at an alarming rate, with “[i]mpaired driving [as] the leading criminal cause of death and injury in Canada.” In 2017, there were over 69,000 impaired driving incidents reported by police in Canada.

Each holiday season, police run a “RIDE” campaign, standing for Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere. This campaign requests drivers to not drive impaired, with an extra push during the holiday season. Those who have experienced personal losses from impaired drivers hand out red ribbons as a symbol of the commitment to sober driving.

Canada is ranked as the second worst country in the world when discussing drunk driving, with South Africa ranked the very worst and the United States ranked 3rd. There are differing limits for impaired driving country to country and even state to state. Furthermore, the consequences to driving while exceeding these limits drastically differ, especially country to country.

An overall trend however, is that impaired driving is a problem everywhere, taking countless unnecessary lives each year. It is important both to test for impairment before driving and to spread awareness about impaired driving. Otorize offers one solution which can be used to test for any kind of impairment, with an easy, non-invasive 5-second test. Use Otorize to test for impairment and keep roads safe.



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