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Driving Do’s and Don’ts in Times of Coronavirus

Safe driving tips for COVID-19.


Driving Do’s and Don’ts in Times of Coronavirus

Don’t Speed

While less cars are on the road, speeding continues to occur on empty streets. This speeding is “troubling,” according to Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore, who has seen speeding (and car accidents) go up by as much as 30% on some Los Angeles streets.

Do Obey Traffic Rules

“What I would ask and implore upon the public is that they slow down, is that they respect the rules of the road, that they recognize that the pedestrian traffic has increased, that there are many more walkers and cyclists that are there today,” Moore said.

Don’t Travel Long Distances

“Traveling longer distances by car is not advisable right now, unless it is of a more urgent nature,” epidemiologist (and director of health services research at Emory University School of Medicine) Rachel Patzer told the New York Times.

Do Drive for Essential Services

Essential services for maintaining an individual’s or family’s health and safety include driving to the hospital or to the grocery store. If you are an essential worker, it is also O.K. to drive to your workplace.

Don’t Go Joyriding

If it is possible to maintain social distancing in your car, do so. But you are encouraged to stay at home as the safest health measure.

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