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Driving and Monitoring for Safety

A new technology has come out which will increase safety features in cars. The Driving Monitoring System technology, or DMS, as explained by the Jerusalem Post, has the ability to detect distracted driving, drowsiness, and more. “DMS technology uses sensors and cameras to monitor driver behavior, and alert them if they become distracted or drowsy.”

The new technology is able to detect “when the driver's eyes are off the road, their head is nodding or their posture indicates drowsiness and can also detect if the driver is using a phone or engaged in any other activity that takes their attention away from driving.” Many drivers say that they are not interested in being monitored but “recent advancements in regulation may prevent them from making that choice for themselves.”

This safety solution provides one vital step in saving lives on the roads. However, drivers and regulators must also continue to consider the threat of impairment and drunk driving. Otorize’s instant impairment-detecting app provides this half of the solution.

When using DMS in conjunction with Otorize, drivers can be provided with a more complete safety solution, checking both for impairment prior to driving as well as distraction and drowsiness during the ride. This combination has the potential to prevent countless accidents.


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