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Concerning the Royal Gibraltar Police and Otorize Limited Start Trial


Gibraltar and Israel, December 4, 2018 — The Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) and Otorize Limited have started a trial in the health and safety field of testing for cognitive impairment. On October 25, Otorize and the Royal Gibraltar Police signed an agreement to undertake a trial of the Otorize app.

Otorize has developed an innovative yet easy-to-use app that tests cognitive impairment in a matter of seconds. It uses a scientifically proven cognitive test, which has been proven to detect cognitive impairment. It is non-intrusive and non-biological/chemical. It does not use membranes or filters and is maintenance-free.

It is effective in detecting impairment because of any substance, be it alcohol, cannabis, drugs, prescription drugs, and more.

Otorize has undertaken a clinical trial with Israel’s leading chronic pain clinic, Ichilov Medical Center. This trial will test and document the app’s effectiveness in detecting impairment caused by the use of medical cannabis. The protocol for the clinical trial has undergone rigorous peer review and has already passed the Helsinki Protocol approval.

Otorize’s elite team of entrepreneurs, who have over 50 years of combined experience in technology, sales, marketing, medicine and RGP’s modern policing, will provide the field experience and feedback to make this trial a success. Both entities are focused on offering and maintaining the highest standards of health and safety through Otorize’s multifaceted solutions, and will track its uses in the modern and fast moving work environment.

Otorize’s CEO Andres Kukawka says, “We are thrilled to be doing this trial with the RGP, as this will allow both of our entities to gain from cutting-edge technology and the application of it in the real-world of modern policing.”

Police Commissioner Ian McGrail says, “The RGP fully embraces this type of program; The Health and Safety of our officers is very important, public confidence needs to be upheld in all quarters and this demonstrates our willingness to precisely do that in this very sensitive area.”

For more information: Isaac S. Hassan — Otorize Ltd. COO Inspector Malcolm Figueras OTM — RGP +35054021969 — +350 57526000 — Otorize Limited Registered in Israel 515391571 Fourth Floor, Rechov Poalei Tzedek 2, Talpiyot, Jerusalem Tel: +972 2 569 5166 —

Otorize is available on Google Play and is currently free for everyone.


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