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Cannabis Company Sued Over Potency of joints

A marijuana company in California, DreamFields Brands, Inc., is being sued by two customers who claim the company’s pre-rolled joints were less potent than advertised. The customers say the company “allegedly falsely claim[ed] that their products have a high THC component, according to the suit.”

While “California Department of Cannabis Control requires companies to label cannabis products with their THC content, expressed as either a percentage or in milligrams,” this lawsuit shows that these labels are not always accurate. Additionally, the “THC content on the label must be within 10% of the actual THC content,” showing that, even when intended to be, these labels are not entirely precise.

In this specific case, “an independent test revealed that the joints actually had a lower THC content than claimed – meaning customers were overpaying for a weaker product, the lawsuit alleges,” although DreamFields adamantly denies this. The company claims that their “‘strongest joints’ contain at least 30% THC,” yet although “some of Jeeter’s products were labeled as having as much as 46% THC, they actually only had between 23-27% THC.”

While this example is one of marijuana products containing less THC than claimed, often the reverse is true. When consuming marijuana edibles or smoking, it is very difficult to measure how much marijuana one consumed. Additionally, one does not know how that amount of marijuana will affect them, as it differs “depending on genetics, age, gender, and the quantity and strength of the marijuana.”

It is important to test yourself for impairment after consuming any substance that could alter your driving or operating abilities. Whenever there is a question of whether or not you could be impaired, you should always test to be safe, even if it is long after you consumed the substance. Otorize offers a 5-second, scientifically proven impairment test that can be taken at any time, on any device, in order to always keep you safe from impaired driving. You never know when your consumption might affect you differently than usual, even hours or days later, so it is always important to test. Otorize is here to help.



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