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Alcohol in Space

Adding a bit of humor during the chilly holiday season, we are sharing this video about things you cannot do in space! Did you know that drinking in space is not allowed? Actually, let us correct that. You can drink in space; however, it is highly discouraged, especially for Americans.

Other cultures, such as Russians, French, and sometimes even Americans, have been known to sneak alcohol on board in the past. Just a small amount of alcohol, which can take the shape of “a singular ball, a round sphere, of cognac floating in the cabin,” can be shared among astronauts on special occasions to break up the monotony of life in space.

NASA is understandably reluctant to “accept any level of alcohol consumption on space missions,” but astronauts moving forward believe that “when humans are away from Earth for longer durations—these rules may have to be adjusted.” Like many things, when properly managed, there is little risk “over and above the tremendous hazard of space.”

Otorize works to reduce hazards regarding alcohol consumption on Earth and even in Space. Because Otorize can be used without service, it can even be utilized to test astronauts in space. While this is a silly example to brighten your holiday feed, we want you to know that Otorize is here for you, whenever and wherever you need to test for impairment.



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