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Otorize is the first proven solution for detecting cognitive impairment



Otorize is the first scientifically proven app that tests for cognitive impairment. It’s a simple yet breakthrough solution that can be used in seconds. It doesn't use membranes or filters and there is no need for maintenance. Otorize is effective on any substance, be it alcohol, cannabis, drugs, and more.

Otorize assists in self regulating and reducing the likelihood of damage, accidents, injury and death. Whether in the office, warehouse, on the roads and at home, Otorize is here to self regulate and prevent.

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App Features

Now available on the Google Play Store, coming soon as an IOS App. 

  • Detect impairment in 5 seconds

  • Effective regardless of substance

  • No bodily fluids required, no additional HW, no chemicals or filters

  • Cost friendly

App Versions

Who We Work With

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How It Works

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How It Works
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